Mayor’s Table

Manage the waste. Rule the city.

Target group: High school, policy makers, general public

Learning objectives: Learn about key policy decisions in circular cities

Players: 1

Duration: 5-10 min pr. game session (around 1 hour)

Context of use: Private or classroom

Primary format: Smartphone
Alternative format: Tablet and online



Congratulations, you’ve been elected Mayor! Now you need to sit at the Mayor’s Table and make decisions that will either lead your city to prosperity or ruin. Can you balance the variables and keep your stakeholders and citizens happy? Or will you have to step down as Mayor before your term ends?

You’ll be presented with a number of different dilemmas regarding waste management. You decide which dilemmas to prioritize and what choices to make. But be careful – dilemmas can expire, and your choices can have great consequences.  You have to balance your scores on four different areas: Environment, Technology, Social and Economics. Neglect one, and you may be forced to step down as Mayor.

The game is meant for citizens to gain an insight into the complexity of city and waste management. The player will experience how difficult it is to make everyone happy, and how there is rarely a simple and “right” solution to the issues a city is continuously faced with.  In order to make progress in one area, you will usually have to give a lower priority to another area and make someone unhappy. By giving a greater understanding of these complexities, the game can change the player’s attitude and behavior with regards to changes made in their city in real life, and thus make them more receptive and accepting towards new waste management initiatives and projects.



  • 33 dilemmas
  • Multiple decisions to be made in each dilemma
  • Up to 4 possible choices for each decision
  • Advice from 4 stakeholders to be taken into consideration
  • Scores and well-being of the city reflecting the choices being made
  • Currently available in English, Spanish, Basque, Greek, Italian and Portuguese


Status (latest release 11th November 2019)

Available here:

Play on IOS devices  

Play on Android devices.  

Play on Pc/Mac in browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge)  


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