Eco Designer

Target group: University students, and companies

Learning objectives: Learn to eco-design


Make product and service designs more eco friendly by exploring how they work, how they’re used and what they’re made of, in a blended game experience against your classmates! Create alternative concepts by exploring work packages with the right tools, the info and the power to steal, discuss and compare your way to the best concept.

Eco Designer aims to educate bachelor students on the ecodesign thinking and how to use tools such as the product life cycle and stakeholder network to create better and more eco-friendly products and services. 

In the game, the players take on the role as an Eco Design Agency and take part in a big competition against other agencies to creative a more eco-friendly version of an existing product. Through investing in different work packages, the players get the info they need and the right tools to create the best concept and win the game.


  • Print-and-play board game that only requires tape and a pair of scissors
  • Currently 1 playable scenario 
  • 12 work packages with tools, info and agency cards
  • Access to the Eco Designer companion app that gives the players the possibility to explore alternative materials and see their effects
  • Currently available in English (will be expanded to more languages during 2019)


What you need in order to play

  • The facilitator PDF: facilitatorbooklet
  • The scenario you want to play (see link below)
  • Scissors
  • Smartphones or tablets, at least 1 for each group that’s playing!
  • Download the Eco Designer companion app on each tablet.

Eco Designer scenarios

Eco Designer companion app

Available at: